Classical Wedding Guitar Music in Philadelphia

Friends and What They Do:

These are all people I know and trust. I've met them in social and professional situations, and they are all people I turn to when I need their services. I hope you do the same.

Wedding Services:

Fatima Adamu: Wedding Dance Choreography and Yoga Fatima has help people choreograph their wedding dances in a way that is fun, improvsational, and creates a fun and unique bonding experience for the couple in the months leading up to their wedding. As a yoga teacher, her gentle voice and intuitive adjustments help you get the most out of your yoga practice. Where some styles have you rapidly switch between poses, her Forrest-Yoga inspired classes move slower and spend more time with each pose, allowing you to stretch deeper, build greater strength, improve your skeletal and muscular alignment, and breathe deeply into each pose. She offers both private and small-group sessions in her West Philadelphia studio, and also teaches at various studios in the Philadelphia area. You can contact her at

Event EQ
I first worked with this extremely professional organization in a D.C. area wedding. The work with couples (as well as event producers and organizations) to create audio and visual entertainment that will engage your guests throughout the evening.

Perseverance Jazz Band
Awesome New Orlean's Style Jazz from the 20's and 30's. These guys and gals are sure to provide you with a truely unique Wedding Band performance. Incredibly Danceable! You can like them on their facebook page and see performances on their youtube channel

Love Me Do Photography:
Love Me Do Photography is run by my friends Carina and Amanda. They both come from fine art photography backgrounds, and their goal is to capture moments in a photojournalistic approach, but with a fine art sensibility. They love to pay extra attention to the details of your wedding and specialize in one-of-a-kind portraits that showcase their own personal style.

General Services


I teach guitar lessons and specialize in Classical Guitar, Suzuki Guitar (for kids ages 3+) and Beginners of all styles.

Bryan DeSilva:
Bryan is a wonderful countertenor who I met during my undergraduate years. Keep an eye on his website for some other-worldly performances. If you can't wait to find out what a counter-tenor is, you can listen on his website:

Crossroads Concerts
Crossroads brings roots musicians from any cultural background into Philadelphia and gives masterclasses, lectures, and, of course, concerts. Check out ther schedule at


Brian Miller:
Brian incorporates his own experiences with the Zen meditative tradition into his therapy practice. For therapy with an awareness-centered approach, both individual and relationship:

Painters, Printers, and other Visual Artists

Ryan O'Brien:
Another Colorado O'Brien, Ryan paints and draws and does other fun stuff. When not working with, he's working on illustrating and writing his first kids book. Keep an eye out for more at

Paul Romano:
Paul Romano's artwork has graced the covers of many distinguished Heavy Metal bands, most notably Mastedon. You can see his personal and commercial works at He, as with most of the artists on this page, is Philadelphia-based.

Masthead Print Studio:
Masthead Print Studio offers some great prints at incredible prices. Located in the heart of Northern Liberties, Philadelphia. For my own sake, I don't want to say this, but I think they should charge more for their prints. Hurry to their next show before they take my advice:

Video Games

Final Form Games: Final Form Games is a recent upstart in the Philadelphia Video Game scene, and has already received numerous recognitions for their first release, Jamestown. Side note: I met Mike, one of the 3 founding members, when he lived with me at Tom Grigg's Northern Liberties Apartment. If you like local and you like video games, keep an eye on

Computer Maintenance, Repair, and IT

Riley Nice:
Riley runs a computer maintenance, repair, and IT shop focused specifically on helping small businesses (under 30 people). He laughs much, much more than any other IT person I've met, and it makes him a pleasure to work with. He services the Greater-Philadelphia area:

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