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Kale Good, Wedding Guitarist.Congratulations on your engagement and your decision to undertake one of the biggest projects of your life; planning a wedding. If you're looking for a balance of simplicity and elegance for the music in your wedding, you've come to the right place. My name is Kale Good and I specialize in playing classical, Spanish, and popular tunes on classical guitar. This music can give your wedding a tone and ambiance that will create the perfect soundtrack for your memories. I'm confident that together, we can find the right playlist for your wedding.

As a musician, it is my goal to de-stress the music selection process and provide you and your guests with a unique musical experience. Whether your needs are indoor or outdoor, 75 or 750 people, ceremony or cocktail hour, we'll work together to find an easy and beautiful soundtrack for your wedding.

Weddings are as unique and varied as couples themselves, ranging from small and intimate weddings to destination and theme weddings. Each one of these is its own unique situation and requires a special approach. As your wedding musician, I'll help you on your wedding day by being a:

When you work with me to create a special environment for your wedding, you're working with someone dedicated to your peace of mind. Among the genres of music I use to create a unique atmosphere for you are:

Here's what couples say:

Kale Good Playing Music at Ashley and Drew Skinner's Wedding
"Collaborating with Kale on the music for our wedding was a really great experience. He helped with music selection and played beautifully..." -Max and Maya Kosok-Romano

"Kale was a great help... He was very easy to work with and really helped remove some of the stress... He also performed beautifully, creating a lovely atmosphere for us and our guests throughout the ceremony." -Erin and Isaac Franks

"...He performed beautifully, and created just the right ambiance for the occasion. He was great to work with leading up to the wedding as well... I highly recommend Kale for weddings or other special events!" -Carissa and Nate Savage

No matter what your wedding needs are, we'll work together to help you find the music thats right for you. Tell me about your special day and what you want it to look and sound like, and we start to can check one more thing off of your to-do-list. Too excited to email? Call (215)260-5383 to get it done even sooner.

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